Reason Special Award HOLMES AWARDS

20 March 2016
District Committee Torre Maura
22 June 2016

“Prelude” Lea Valti

Reason Special Award HOLMES AWARDS

Books Horror, Noir, Thriller

A book, the author Lea Valti, written with the skill of a great classic. Readers find themselves from the very beginning to understand that they possess a thick novel, which comes to the heart, bringing you to live the joys and the sorrows, the deepest emotions of the young protagonist. It ‘a moving story, insistent, seductive, grand and charming. The same time and the same place that saw the birth and finish the story itself has a lot of potential and charm that the reader can not help but appreciate. The setting in Scotland of late nineteenth century, the castle as a backdrop to the whole story and the characters so alive, so real make this novel a little jewel of literature that should be recognized and brought to light, which should come into libraries any fan of the books, in history and in almost obligatory reading of the reader. It has the charm, Prelude, the gothic novel par excellence what’s “Dracula” Stoker and at the same time the same power of the timeless romantic fiction and “Wuthering Heights” the second of the Bronte sisters. It ‘just that, Prelude, a perfect concentration of all that there is more beautiful in the literature, and this for the masterful writing, knowledge so deep in the Highlands, which has always aroused a charm all their own, and have been the subject of major events historical and literary. Prelude is a love story and the desperate struggle of a young man to know the truth about himself, through everything feels not go inside, it feels like a curse that makes him do great things without the slightest effort of energy. William Druce should enter the minds of all fans of Literature as did Mr Darcy, Heathcliff, Retth Butler and Rochester before him. A novel, so proud, which should be read and loved and that leaves a void in the time you reach the last page, almost a sigh of disappointment to be arrived so quickly at the end.
Someone once said that you realize you have read a good book when you reach the last page is as if he had lost a friend ….
Prelude is this: a novel that should never end, a friend that you should never lose.

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