PRELUDE at the Theater of Tor Bella Monaca

“La Vita è un sentiero” with the Dott.ssa Danza in La Feltrinelli of Pavia
1 March 2016
Special Fiction Prize edited city of Pontremoli
3 March 2016

PRELUDE at the Theater of Tor Bella Monaca: music, words, thoughts.

“A sailing ship in the storm, without a rudder or captain, is what I was …” The presentation of the debut novel by Lea Valti, PRELUDE, held on 18 June at the Teatro Tor Bella Monaca, it comes from its inception as a journey in journey, an intense journey in the ambiguous path of growth and training of young William Druce, protagonist of the novel, in the nineteenth century Scotland.

Published by Armando Curcio, the book was officially presented to the XXVIII edition of the Turin Book Fair and is already being reprinted, a sign that confidence in the publisher newcomer was well placed, as well as the longevity of vampire story at the reading public.
It must be said, however, as highlighted during the presentation, which PRELUDE escapes too sharp labeling and on the contrary can be appreciated for the variety of themes and the consequent intertwining of reading levels, which transform our Fantasy- horror in a Bildungsroman that is measured by the turbulence of adolescence and all aspects related to it – such as the desire of rebellion, the parent-child relationship, friendship, love – and from there creeps in most hidden folds and dark human soul. You might also consider PRELUDE a travel novel, though not in the strict sense, telling it the arduous journey – spiritual and material – through which William will learn to understand and finally accept their dark side, that dark side that everyone can discern within himself and that perhaps explains the fascination that the figure of the vampire has on readers and moviegoers since the nineteenth century.

On stage, alternating, well-lit in the darkness of the room, the music of Celtic Banshee; acute analysis of moderating Giusy Locurcio, Professor of Literature and journalist, the author Lea Valti; the voice of Simone Càstano, who with a skillful interpretation gives body and life to the pages of the novel. Three elements that lead the audience through a journey from the musical suggestions of traditional Irish instruments (bodhran, fiddle, tin whistle, guitar), one can access the pages of the book that best tell the characters, settings and gothic-romantic atmosphere, the photographic style, moments of articulation in the plot, narrative techniques, then go even deeper examination of these narrative components, to the historical and literary roots of the Gothic genre, in which he originated the literary myth of vampires, and the theme of the moon dear to poets, present in PRELUDE as a symbol of the changing fortunes of man.

From the accurate presentation emerges, then, the image of an author very skillful and meticulous, which has been able to shape and carve carefully unexpected literary inspiration, mixing it to their passions and their own experiences, most notably that of teacher, which has enabled it to deal daily with the beauty and hardships of the trip that kids face in adolescence storm. It surfaces, finally, thanks to the comments of those who have already read, the idea of ​​a book that fascinates and engages readers of all ages and which, it is worth emphasizing, would lend itself well to become a movie. You might as well close the cycle that led Lea Valti to write the images that presented themselves gradually to mind, and begin a new journey.